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Anilox QC Standard – Screen Recording

Project Info


Provident is proud to distribute Troika Systems Products, a company that is clearly identified with Quality Management through its Quality Control tools for the offset, flexible packaging, label and corrugated markets.

Its 14 years experience has led it through several innovative products including the Digital-Lay-Sheet for flexible packaging printers; a wide format dry film image-setter driven by the Troika RIP for the corrugated market; and prior to its involvement in 2D & 3D plate, anilox and rotogravure analysis it developed the software for several of the double sided imposition proofing solutions based on wide format HP and Epson printers.

Troika current product range is designed to save considerable press cost by ensuring the plates or anilox are fully functional prior to being used in the press. With its Anilox Management System all anilox data can be recorder and utilized for historic analysis and future planning.

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